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As @Haugstad1006 tweeted, forget the Courtois talk. Real Madrid + Bayern = fireworks. Atlético + Chelsea = a tense game of chess. Tactically fascinating. Can't wait!

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The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has sanctioned the Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol (RFEF) and Spanish club FC Barcelona for breaches relating to the international transfer and registration of players under the age of 18. They have banned Barcelona from participating in the transfer window for 1 year! In my opinion this is going to hurt Barcelona. Well, unless they decide to appeal and get the ban overturned or reduced to just 1 window.

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I modelled the graph coloring problem as a CP task and solved it using Google's or-tools. The model can color a 50 node graph within a few milliseconds, but takes time for a 70 node graph. There is still some scope to improve this model.

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PSG vs. Chelsea Twitter troll fight!! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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Setting up a Sudoku solver using Google's or-tools is way too easy. Done with Project Euler Problem 96 without breaking a sweat!

1 115 One can square numbers by breaking it up into two easier numbers and using the expression: (x + y)^{2} = x^{2} + 2xy + y^{2} The...

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Ted Talk - Christopher Soghoian: Government Surveillance Surveillance is a very tricky topic. We all want the bad guys to be caught before they can...

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Photographer Camille Seaman shoots icebergs, showing the world the complex beauty of these massive, ancient chunks of ice.

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I recently updated to the latest Cyanogenmod nightlies - 11-20140307-NIGHTLY-i9100 - and started getting annoying messages broadcasted by Airtel. These messages were received as...