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No spoilers here. Right from the first book you keep hearing about the Warrens and the Deck of Dragons and you try to make up...

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2 146 One can square numbers by breaking it up into two easier numbers and using the expression: (x + y)^{2} = x^{2} + 2xy + y^{2} The...

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Photographer Camille Seaman shoots icebergs, showing the world the complex beauty of these massive, ancient chunks of ice.

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This is a script to crawl and extract player ratings data for all the matches that has rated. The idea is to gather all ratings data and build models to predict game starting lineups and outcomes for games in future.

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Everything comes together in the last few chapters of the book. Things move at a frantic pace. People you have followed separately through the...

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Meru Cabs has really let me down this time. @MeruCabs launched a buggy feature - InstaPay - and I am now being harassed for having used it. #MeruCabs #Meru #InstaPay

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I have spent some time now trying to solve the Click-o-Mania problem at Hackerrank. My first solution was only able to correctly pass 1...

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Given a composite systems comprised of randomly distributed insulating and metallic materials: what fraction of the materials need to be metallic so that the composite system is an electrical conductor? Given a porous landscape with water on the surface (or oil below), under what conditions will the water be able to drain through to the bottom (or the oil to gush through to the surface)? Scientists have defined an abstract process known as percolation to model such situations.

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The Union-Find data structure keeps track of a set of elements partitioned into disjoint subsets, for example; keeping track of the connected components of...