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This is Anuvrat here! I am currently working as a Principal Software Engineer at Amazon by role but am a problem solver at heart, operating at the intersection of business and technology. I have mostly been involved in measurement, experimentation and analytic domains in my Amazon career. The last few years got me interested in the ethics of data processing, starting with the advertising industry since that’s what I’m closest to. I know I’ve only dipped my toes in this space and there’s a lot more to learn.

Outside of work, I love to hike. Growing up on the Deccan Plateau, I never knew what it meant to live near the mountains. I imagined mountains to only exist in the frigid north and be a very unwelcoming territory. Since having moved to the Pacific North West, I cannot get enough of them. I have discovered peace and joy.

Finally, I have picked up chess again, after more than 20 years. There’s so much to learn!

Latest Posts

  • 1-2 Oblivious Transfer

    I learnt about oblivious transfer when reading up about garbled circuits. As an engineer this feels like a fascinating, almost magical protocol. And it’s not just me. Everyone I talked to about this protocol had the same reaction – disbelief. Here’s an engineer’s perspective. Objective Let’s create two fictional characters – Alice and Bob. Alice […]


  • Bowen Lookout and Yew Lake Loop

    We had a fun Saturday, exploring live music scenes in Vancouver. The top recommendation in the group was Guilt & Co, which turned out to be an excellent pick! We stayed for three sets, and the second artist was really good. Okay, the lyrics didn’t matter since I was lost in the music they were […]


  • Making Sense | Is Life Actually Worth Living?

    This was an interesting discussion. It was a learning opportunity for me, as I have no prior opinion on anti-natalism. David has a unique perspective where he assigns different values to creation of life and continuation of life. He believes, on average, life is overall painful and it’s cruel to bring a new life into existence. […]


  • Rise of Skywalker | Balance Restored?

    I watched the final part of the Skywalker saga, and overall liked it. It had plenty of elements to invoke nostalgia and make me feel emotionally comfortable. However, I think the ending could have been better, but don’t we all feel so about most of the fantasy series out there? Without caring about the wider […]


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